Jon Stewart 'Would Love' To Try Microdosing Psychedelics

This article by Jon Stewart was originally published on Psychedelic Spotlight, and appears here with permission.


The comedian publicly expresses interest in the mental health treatment trend the same day as Paul Stamets' massive microdosing study results were published.


Add Jon Stewart to the long list of celebrities who are warming up to psychedelics as mainstream culture continues to embrace the mental health benefits of psychoactive substances. 

The comedian and former Daily Show host kicked off the most recent episode of his podcast, The Problem, with the proclamation: “I really wanna microdose!”

“I would love to,” he said in a conversation with the show’s head writer, Chelsea Devantez, who was also very enthusiastic about the practice of consuming regularly scheduled psychedelic doses so low that there is no noticeable impairment of the senses.

“Honestly, doesn’t it sound great? I kinda wanna do it,” Devantez said. “It cures your depression with just a tiny bit of shrooms.” 

“Hey, can we get a microdose for shrooms sponsor?” she asked, prompting Stewart to joke, “Today’s podcast is brought to you by psilocybin! Psilocybin: just don’t have it on an empty stomach.

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