Margie Determan-Rotberg: ‘Recall tantrum’ a waste of money, resources


What is old is new again. Or is it? Calvin Clark’s Jan. 5, 2022 Other Voices column, “Reasons for recall of supes,“ is a veritable word salad of anti-vaxx tropes and one-liners, masqueraded as ”reasons“ for a recall of all five of our duly elected Nevada County Supervisors.

Don¹t be fooled. This isn’t Mr. Clark’s first “recall rodeo.” Remember NH2020? Yup. Same guy, minus the now deceased Mr. Bedwell. Now he’s at it again. Don¹t get me wrong. I believe we live in a country (and a county) where freedom to express your opinion is encouraged, even celebrated, but this freedom ends when the “opinion” harms our neighbors and larger community by being wasteful of our resources, i.e., taxpayer money (to pay for special elections) or our limited healthcare and education resources (by failing to protect their capacity by following prudent illness prevention).

We elected our supervisors to act in the best interests of our county and its citizens at large. Rational people understand that they may not, and likely will not, agree with everything our supes do. But the solution to differences of opinion in our is to wait for the next election and run as an alternative, not to throw a “recall tantrum,” which wastes all of our money and time.

For my part, I believe our supervisors have been exceedingly patient in consideration of opposing views, providing for hours and hours of public comment on these health related policies, even when delivered by fact-challenged, irrational, juvenile and ill-informed messengers. In the end, the supervisors have allowed Dr. Kellermann and our under-resourced Public Health team to follow the and do the best job they can to protect Nevada County. They have supported the use of proven public health measures implemented by NCPH, from masking and social distancing to testing, tracing and vaccines, as well as scientifically researched treatments, when possible (not available at the feed stores).

To do otherwise would have been dereliction of their public charge. For this, they are now threatened with recall? Yes, it has been tough economically when state-mandated shutdowns had to occur, but I believe these measures saved lives and devastating lifelong health complications, especially among our front line workers, our ill, elderly, and our kids. And yes, sometimes guidelines changed when needed.

Our supervisors did their best to help mitigate these hardships by continually supporting NCPH¹s weekly public zoom meetings, as well as providing their own public forums with the intent to keep us all as informed an safe as possible. Was it perfect? No. Managing a pandemic caused by a never seen before novel virus is hard to get right the first time. But it was not for lack of trying.

I submit that the primary barrier to their achievement of better outcomes for our community was not improper action on the part of our supervisors, or the NCPH, but was the result of those who live here who refuse to, for whatever reason, accept the reality of their guidance.

I am thankful that our supervisors have supported Dr. Kellermann and his team in this effort. The last thing we need to do now is to change our leaders in the middle of the battle. Nevada County needs to reject the upcoming voter solicitations for a special election based on Mr. Clark and his ilk’s “reasons” and send this recall back to its instigators with a resounding “no.“

Margie Determan-Rotberg lives in Nevada City.

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