Vegan Cannabis Edibles For An Eco-Friendly High

This article was originally published on Cannabis & Tech Today and appears here with permission.

The legal cannabis industry and the vegan food industry have arguably had the best glow-ups of the last five years. 

Speaking from my personal experience, I can confidently say will be a great year for both vegans and cannabis users. 

With these two industries exploding in popularity, innovation, and accessibility, it was only a matter of time before they collided. 

The demand for vegan-friendly products is at an all-time high and brands across the world are taking notice. Companies of all kinds – food, beauty, furniture, fashion – are taking steps to ensure their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable for the environment.

Cannabis brands are no exception. 

Many cannabis companies are now offering vegan edible selections that are appealing to an audience that abstains from eating any animal products whatsoever.

There are also incredible moves being made in the culinary cannabis world. 

During a time where you can infuse any dish imaginable with THC and CBD, vegan chefs are making a statement by combining their bold, creative, and cruelty-free flavors with the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.

Several studies, including one published by Nature in 2018, show that a plant-based diet could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the food system by more than half. 

With many cannabis brands working toward becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly, taking a turn towards vegan edible products is a no brainer.

The Vegan Revolution

So what exactly does a vegan diet entail? A fully vegan diet abstains from any and all animal products including meat, eggs, milk, cheese, dairy of any kind, honey, or any other animal derivative. 

Veganism differs from vegetarianism because while vegetarians don’t eat meat, they still typically eat things like eggs, dairy, honey, and depending on the individual, may not care about things like gelatin and other miscellaneous animal products.

While veganism is certainly not a new diet, it’s reached incredible new levels of popularity in the last couple of years. Veganism …

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