The Hemp Revolution: Is Thailand Poised To Become A Global Leader?

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The perfect storm is brewing in Thailand, and the forecast is a massive disruption in humanity’s relationship with the hemp plant.

Thailand’s hemp industry has been buzzing ever since 2018, when the country became the first in Asia to legalize the plant.

And while many view Thailand as the “green rush” of the East, the situation is much more complex than that, the opportunities far greater.

“People are excited to do business in Thailand, and it’s bigger than just one country, this is a hub for all of Asia,” says Dr. Aimon Kopera, CEO of Geneomics Global

“When Thailand legalized hemp in 2018 there was a lot of chaos. So many people wanted in, and the Thai didn’t know whom to trust,” Kopera explains.

With so much confusion and so many knowledge gaps, it made it all the harder to discern between who could really add value and who just wanted to make a quick buck.

Kopera, who was born and raised in Thailand before moving to the U.S. 30 years ago was able to cut through a lot of that early chaos and into the eye of this cannabis hurricane.

With her diverse international background in plant-based medicine, ethnobotany, epigenetics, genomics, cannabinoid science, product formulation, and entrepreneurship, Kopera brings a lot of clarity and momentum to Thailand hemp. 

“When people in Thailand think about cannabis, they’re thinking about cannabis as medicine. Not to get high but to use it for cancer, diabetes, sleep, weight loss…this oil helps them manage their treatments,” Kopera says. “Cannabis brings smiles back to the land of smiles.”

The Cannabis Gateway to Southeast Asia

Much of Asia has a rich history in using cannabis/hemp as a food, medicine, and fiber.

And Thailand, which has long been considered a gateway to Southeast Asia, has some interesting things going for it after nearly a century of cannabis prohibition.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage is the country’s inviting status as a tourism hotspot – think warm beaches, amazing food, sacred temples, lots of smiles, and nature at its finest – all of which make it a prime spot for business development.

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