Do Cannabis Suppositories Really Work Better Than Other Forms Of Weed?

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Do you know you can take cannabis in through your back door? Hold up on the judgment!

If you've smoked, eaten, vaped, and topically applied cannabis, you've all but completed all the various ways of consuming weed. There's another "not-so-conventional" way of taking cannabis, and that's through your rectum or vagina. This cannabis consumption method is formally known as cannabis suppositories. This method is not very popular, but people fond of cannabis suppositories swear on their backsides that it works perfectly.

I reckon cannabis suppositories would have been more popular if groups of cannabis enthusiasts could have casually stuck weed up their bums in each other's presence. But that would be super weird. This trend is mainly done in the privacy of one's home.

In all seriousness, cannabis consumption is still evolving, and innovators in the sector are looking for more ingenious ways for cannabis to be consumed. Rectal cannabis may seem like a weird concept to most, but its pros far outweigh its cons, making it a fantastic way to feel the tremendous health benefits of cannabis. This is a comprehensive guide to understanding how cannabis suppositories work.

An Overview of Cannabis Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are one of a few ways to ingest THC without getting stoned. When cannabis is put into the rectum or vagina, the body can absorb most of the potent therapeutic materials. The best part about this method is that the body is able to bypass the high that comes with THC.  Vaginal weed suppositories are a different product with different design intentions and effects.

Medical marijuana suppositories feel like a dream for medical marijuana who seek ways to avoid the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Many of these patients resort to CBD-based medications like oil or creams to avoid the stoned side effects of cannabis.

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