Trends in Commercial Cannabis Nutrition

It’s been nearly a decade since Washington and Colorado became the first U.S. states to legalize adult-use —and almost four years since Canada led the way with nationwide legalization. For commercial cultivators, today’s landscape bears little resemblance to those early days. Current trends in commercial cannabis nutrition are very different from when it all began.

Systems Approach to Growing

With the increase in highly controlled growing environments and technological advances, growers are gravitating toward a more holistic, systems-based approach to growing. Horticulturist Shaye Donald and agronomist Jean-Pierre Fortin, members of the professional technical services team at Hawthorne Gardening Company, work directly with commercial growers to help fine-tune growing practices and product use as part of a comprehensive approach.

While cultivators in the past heavily emphasized nutrition, Donald explains that perspectives are changing. Though nutrition remains integral, it’s being seen as part of the broader whole. More growers are focusing on the integrated growing environment, with nutrition being one piece that works in concert with growing media, irrigation, fertigation, and other aspects of the grow.

“Plants, like any living organism, are complex, and so the environment in which they isn’t just one piece. It’s a system where they’re all interconnected and affect each other,” Donald says. At Hawthorne, the concept behind this trend is driven home with the Hawthorne 360 initiative. “It’s all about recognizing that this is a system, so we need to take the systems approach to it,” he adds.

Nutrient-Based Crop Steering

Donald shares that crop steering—managing setpoints or inputs throughout the growing process to

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