How To Throw The Weed Wedding Of Your Dreams

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With legalization sweeping the nation, there's been a rise in weed-themed events — weddings being no exception. But with every spectacular weed wedding comes great responsibility, and it's important to know the etiquette and legalities involved.

A weed wedding may involve plant-themed decorations, -infused beverages, stoner goodie bags, a bud bar, etc. There are a number of opportunities to get creative while keeping your guests lifted and safe.

Consider some tips for planning the weed wedding of your dreams.

Be transparent, starting with the invitations

First and foremost, you can't get people stoned without their knowledge. Be transparent about your intentions when planning your wedding, especially while sending out invitations and booking the venue, entertainment, and other services.

Follow the laws for your state and venue

Adult-use has been legalized in over a dozen US states, but there are still restrictions to consider when it comes to throwing a weed wedding.

According to Morgan Davis, lawyer and founder of Compendium Complete, most of the legalities revolve around the venue and method of consumption. Even in a state where cannabis is legal for adult use, “public venues tend to have more restrictions and may not allow cannabis use at all," said Davis. "Private venues may still restrict smoking and vaping to certain areas. Additionally, make sure that no one under the age limit of the state you are in has access to cannabis."

If you do find a venue or home that allows smoking indoors, your designated smoking area should be separate from guests who may not …

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