How To Cook With Cannabis

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Cooking with utilizes the plant’s various psychoactive and non-psychoactive chemical compounds in different but complementary ways, with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) most recognized for its euphoric properties, and hemp cultivated worldwide for its fiber, seed oil, and durability value. While cannabis is not widely accepted in mainstream Western cuisine, cannabis food infusion is becoming more normalized as more states legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana.

Here’s a quick guide to cooking with cannabis. 

How to Cook

The best way to cook is by simmering it. This method allows the cannabinoids to infuse into the food more easily. You can also add cannabis to food while cooking, but it is best to add a small amount of oil and water first, then add the cannabis.

Culinary Forms of Cannabis

There are many different forms of cannabis that are available for cooking. Some of the most common ones include:

Flowers and Dried Buds

You can use cannabis flowers in various recipes, including baked goods and drinks. They have a strong aroma and a sweet taste. They can also be crushed and mixed with other ingredients to make them more flavorful. Cannabis flowers are available in different ratios of THC and CBD, which can be used to create specific effects when cooking. Dried buds can also be used to create more concentrated forms of cannabis like candy edibles and tinctures.

Dissolvable Cannabinoid Powder (THC Powder, Cannabis Powder)

Many cannabis chefs prefer THC powder because it is water-soluble and therefore more versatile than flower or concentrates. This allows you to customize the experience and get a unique flavor. Many different varieties of dissolvable cannabinoid powder are available, including butane hash oil (BHO), kief, and shatter. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your particular cooking needs. 


You can also use oils when cooking with cannabis, which is usually made from the plant’s oil. You can use olive oil or coconut oil as the base, then add other ingredients such as honey, butter, or even butter substitute such as coconut oil or palm shortening. You can use cannabis oils in both savory dishes and sweet dishes.


Tinctures are another form of cannabis that you …

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