How Ramshead’s Jorel Decker Works: Cannabis Workspace

Name: Jorel Decker

Location: Lindsay, Okla.

Title: Owner, Ramshead Cannabis

One word to describe your cultivation style: Hydroponic

Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse or a combination: Indoor

Can you share a bit of your background and how you and your company got to the present day?

When I first decided to start growing in 2013, it was just to make some extra money at the time to pay my rent. I wanted to keep touring with my band, Hollywood Undead, but wasn’t able to tour and pay rent. It was a weird time for the music industry. We signed a 350 deal, which completely crippled us financially. But when you’re that broke and someone offers you lump sums of money, you don’t care about the devil in the details. … We had to work odd jobs in between tours. Music streaming wasn’t popular or a thing yet. Physical sales were not selling anymore, so we weren’t seeing any revenue. I sold my car to make space in the garage, and I needed the money for my first setup. I went into a hydro store on Hollywood Boulevard that I was always passing by called Superior Hydroponics. I started asking questions and bought some grow tents and everything I needed for $7,000. I went all in with the car money.

From the moment the first plant touched the coco, I was hooked. I spent all my free time in that garage and was obsessed. Fast forward years later, I moved to a bigger garage, and then warehouses, taking massive leaps

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