Will Germany's Cannabis Legalization Create a Ripple Effect?

Jay Czarkowski, Founding Partner, Canna Advisors

Brian Hart, Project Manager, Canna Advisors 

Will other countries in Europe Begin to Embrace Cannabis Legalization?

There are many countries in Europe that currently have a medical program, and when following developments within the industry, one can see the trend continuing and eventually breaking through to recreational sales. In March 2022, France authorized the cultivation of medical cannabis, and in June 2022 it became legal for people to buy cannabis seeds. In Italy, there has been persistent grass roots efforts to legalize recreational cannabis—as demonstrated in February of 2022 when the Italian constitutional court threw out a backed by over 630,000 signatures. While unfortunate, it demonstrates how cannabis is making it to the upper levels of government. Looking at Germany, France, and Italy, the countries are the top three most populous countries in the EU, accounting for over 40% of the bloc’s population. As the three most populous and largest contributors to GDP, they indicate the continued trend towards recreational legalization, with Germany leading the way.

What is the significance of Germany potentially becoming the first European country to legalize sales of recreational cannabis?

It is extraordinarily significant. As Great Britain left the EU with Brexit, the EU lost a significant leader. Germany is shy of announcing itself as the new leader and embraces the spirit of the EU based on multilateralism. However, one should look at Germany’s EU track record and they will realize how powerful of a say Germany has. As the most populous country, Germany has the most Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) with 96 out of a total of 705. While the 96 members make up a broad range of liberal to conservative groups and they work with other parties of European nations to form a coalition government, it is …

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