Texas Ag Commissioner: Medical Cannabis Fundamental Principle of ‘True Democracy’

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, a staunch Republican whose seat is up for in November, came out in support of in a recent editorial, calling access to the plant a fundamental freedom. 

Texas is one of 13 states where is not fully legalized without low-THC restrictions. Texas does have a program, but that program includes a 1% THC cap on medical cannabis—toeing the line with the legal definition of hemp, which is 0.3% THC or lower.

An eighth-generation farmer and rancher, Miller is currently serving his second four-year term as commissioner of the state’s Agriculture Department after previously serving 12 years in the Texas House of Representatives.

“In a free society, government should only make something illegal for a powerful reason or set of facts,” he wrote in a July 15 editorial. “The freedom of the people to make their own choices and decisions is a fundamental [principle] of a true democracy.”

Miller compared policies on cannabis to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, writing that the drug war has fostered gangs, corruption and widespread violence against the lives and liberties of American citizens.

“As I look back, I believe that cannabis prohibition came from a place of fear, not from medical science or the analysis of social harm,” he wrote. “Sadly, the roots of this came from a history of racism, classism, and a large central government with an authoritarian desire to control others. It is as anti-American in its origins as could be imaginable.”

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Texas Ag Commissioner: Medical Cannabis Fundamental Principle of ‘True Democracy’ on cannabis business times