Burnt Meadow Hemp Seeks to Create a Farm-to-Table Experience for Consumers

With a mission in mind, CBD and wellness company Burnt Meadow Hemp is working to create a farm-to-table experience for consumers.

Sitting on 250 acres in Fowler, Colo., Burnt Meadow Hemp is a “full functioning farm,” says Sulee Clay, CEO of Burnt Meadow Hemp and chair of the corporate group and managing partner at Mckennon Shelton & Henn LLP law firm in Washington D.C. The company grows a blend of CBD- and CBG-dominant varieties on roughly 55 irrigated acres, Clay says, adding that it also produces other crops, like alfalfa.

“We for extraction, but for our product purposes, we do infusion method, whole plant, trying to be as close to what is coming out of the ground as possible in terms of our ingredients,” she says.

The company grew 40 acres of hemp in its first growing season in 2018 and had a successful harvest that year, Clay says. However, the following two years were challenging, as the farm got almost completely wiped out from weather-related disasters.

“Right when we were about to harvest 10-foot tall plants, the first year, we got a ton of ice. Everything froze; it went down to 3 degrees for three days,” she says. “The second year, a bunch of heavy snow was dumped on everything, and everything got demolished. That was quite a setback. … As much hard work as it is to actually farm hemp, especially if you don’t have very large equipment, we started thinking, ‘Is this really the best use of our time?’”


Burnt Meadow Hemp Seeks to Create a Farm-to-Table Experience for Consumers on cannabis business times