What Is Cannabis Dependence

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When it comes to cannabis, everyone is quick to point out how it’s addictive. Due to this reason, there are quite a few myths surrounding cannabis. And, addiction is one of them. Most people simply assume that cannabis can make them addicted to it. They also believe that it’s fatal and is much more dangerous compared to tobacco and alcohol. Of course, these are just simply myths and the truth is different.

However, it’s also wrong to believe that marijuana is absolutely harmless. Cannabis dependence of addiction is a reality. Yes, there are no reports of anyone dying from cannabis, but that doesn’t mean that you can abuse it. Let’s talk about medicines, for instance. What happens if you abuse medicine too many times? Your body rejects it. And you’ll see side effects too. It’s the same even with harmless substances like water. Drink too much, and you’ll pay the price.

And, cannabis is no exception. A few joints a week or once a day will be okay for you. For others, even that’s too much. Raise the bar a little higher and smoke a few joints a day, and you’ll soon face cannabis dependence if you continue the same ritual. Remember that this is for those that abuse it. But, what’s the issue if you enjoy cannabis occasionally? What is meant by cannabis dependence?

Let’s get to the facts.

The human body doesn’t crave for cannabis

Making a joint

If you smoke cigarettes, you’ll know what it means when the body actually craves nicotine. Nicotine, although harmless, can be addictive. It’s the tobacco that’s evil. But, your body craves nicotine, and that’s exactly why you light a cigarette every time.

Unlike cigarettes, our body doesn’t yearn for cannabis. The cannabinoids produced by cannabis are already present naturally in our bodies. For example, anandamide – an endocannabinoid produced in the brain – is very similar to THC produced by cannabis.

However, cannabis can make you dependent in a different way. It may not be physical but it could be psychological. More like a habit. The high you get by smoking cannabis and the way you relax can make you go back to it even when your …

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