10 Takeaways From the 'Navigating California: Tips From Seasoned Operators + Experts' Webinar

Today, many forces are at play in making California’s legal cannabis market arduous, including overproduction, the illicit market, diminishing wholesale prices, and more.

In a special 90-minute webinar July 26–presented by and Cannabis Conference–seasoned California operators provided insights and actionable tips for how plant-touching businesses can navigate these and other challenges.

Here are 10 key insights from Angela Pih, vice president of marketing for StateHouse Holdings; Jocelyn Sheltraw, director of industry relations at Headset; Claudio Miranda, co-founder of Guild Enterprises; and Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya, co-founders of Swami Select, from their participation in the “Navigating California: Tips From Seasoned Operators + Experts” webinar.

Editor’s note: These takeaways have been edited for style, length and clarity.

1. Sales are retracting to pre-COVID levels.

“During COVID, right [at] the start of the pandemic, we saw sales spike. … There were long lines for cannabis stores. People were panic-buying cannabis, just like they were toilet paper. And then, a few months into the pandemic, we started to see a bit of retraction. And for the past 12 months, we’ve been seeing sales declines. … Just know if that’s what you’re experiencing in your business, you’re not alone. The market as a whole is really retracting back to pre-COVID levels, but regardless, I think we still need to just remember, this is very exciting if we think about how big the market already is. Other, more mature markets [like] Colorado [and] Oregon, they’re also experiencing similar retractions back to pre-COVID levels.” – Jocelyn Sheltraw, Director

10 Takeaways From the 'Navigating California: Tips From Seasoned Operators + Experts' Webinar on cannabis business times