Cannabis Lab Experts Discuss Some Of Pot's Most Pressing Areas Of Research

From its business potential to its chemical compounds, every aspect of cannabis contains a seemingly infinite array of possibilities and uncertainties.

Lab research is no exception. Lab analysis help shape our understanding of all things cannabis. Or at least, that is being strived for after decades of -stymied research progress—limiting our current clinical knowledge to a few select studies and anecdotes.

Until we fully understand the plant, we remain in a limbo, where research offers potential conclusions without much concrete evidence: the status quo creates a circumstance where cherry-picked data, media hype and industry manipulation all have come to play.

Despite the downsides, the vast subject of cannabis lab analysis offers immense promise and optimism as we continue to learn about the plant.

Potential Medical Properties

Lab studies benefited immensely as regulations incrementally reformed globally over the past decade. While conclusions may compel individuals to form their determinations, most lab experts warn that much is left to be decided.

"Certain individual studies may demonstrate promising results, but those findings must be reproducible, validated, and peer-reviewed in order to gain credibility," said Nick Jackowetz, chief scientific officer at Cirona Labs, a cannabinoid designer and manufacturer for infused edibles.

Promising results pique researcher interest. Without pointing to specific studies, Jackowetz said a growing number of analyses indicate CBD may provide anti-inflammatory benefits. He noted that findings suggest the cannabinoid's potential may extend to pain relief, improved sleep and certain mental health benefits.

Jackowetz supported additional plant research, calling it critical to shaping …

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