EXCLUSIVE: Why One Top Hedge Fund Manager Is Bullish On US Cannabis Stocks

Investment expert and former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson, current president and CEO of Empire Financial Research, recently stopped by Benzinga Cannabis Hour to discuss his investment thesis including his  outlook as it pertains to the booming cannabis industry.

The Value Of Value Investing

Tilson described himself as an “old school value investor,” who “learned investing at the feet of the masters, like Buffet and Munger," adding that he is always trying to expand his mind and remain open to new investment opportunities.

“I just listed my number one stock pick for my newsletter business for this year…and it's AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (ARCA: MSOS) –  basically the U.S. cannabis index,” Tilson said.

He added that he remains bullish on the cannabis industry because “the sentiment is changing” along with cannabis legislation.

Tilson qualified the advance of legalization in states as irreversible. “Just look at the surveys of Americans who favor legalizing cannabis. It's gone up dramatically, and politicians will follow the voters, eventually, for sure, and the regulators will follow the politicians, and the institutional investors will come along as well.”

Setting And Identifying Trends

“I like identifying trends early. As an investor, the single best thing you can do is find an enormous trend and get in early, before all the institutional money comes in,” Tilson told Cannabis Hour hosts Javier Hasse and Elliot Lane.

“In particular if you can get in when the sentiment is crappy and …

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EXCLUSIVE: Why One Top Hedge Fund Manager Is Bullish On US Cannabis Stocks on Benzinga