How Keep Your Weed Fresh: 5 Proven Ways

This article was originally published on Flowertown, and appears here with permission.

Dusty, dry, cracked and moldy.

No, we’re not describing old gym socks. This is your after it’s been left out to dry.

Cannabis, like any plant, needs tender love and care. For those new to the herb, it’s easy to assume that you can keep it stored away in the original packaging. But the reality is everything has a shelf life.

Imagine if you bought a jug of almond milk. Even though the carton may have a shelf life that extends beyond 6 months, the moment you open the container you are exposing the liquid to bacteria. That’s why many almond milk containers encourage you to drink it within a week.

Bacteria gets in, thrives, and changes the chemical state of the almond milk. The same for cannabis.

The two key indicators to tell when your flower is on its last legs are smell and touch. If it smells moldy or sour (and not in a pleasant way) steer clear! Much like how fish is never actually supposed to smell like fish, should never smell like, well, bad cannabis.

If it’s crunchy and nearly disintegrates as you are holding it between your fingers, that’s another indicator of past ripe flower.

So what can you do to extend …

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