‘No matter what age you are’: Newly married couple’s story began during pandemic

Del Clement and Faith Casey walk down the aisle arm in arm after getting married recently at Alta Sierra Country Club.
Photo: Elias Funez

They met, as many couples do, online.

Del Clement connected with Faith Casey, they dated for some time and decided to get married.

A pandemic locking everyone inside likely played a role in the method the couple used to connect, but it was their compatibility that kept them together.

As for their ages, well, you’re never too old for love.

“We didn’t know each other,” said Casey, 79, of her 80-year-old groom. “He was a bit timid.”

The pair, first connecting in January 2021, exchanged some messages. Then Clement invited Casey over to his house for lunch.

It turned out they lived some four miles apart, on either side of Banner Mountain.

“I figured, what’s to lose?” Casey said. “And that was it.”

Clement, who recently stepped away as a long-time volunteer with the county’s search-and-rescue outfit, said it didn’t take long for the couple to start living together. He looked at the real estate market at the time, and decided to sell his home.

Faith Casey and Del Clement tied the knot last month at Alta Sierra Country Club.

Then, as it always does, tax time arrived.

It was the first time in a long time Clement had filed his taxes as a single person. He was shocked when he learned what he’d have to pay. He then did Casey’s taxes, “put a pencil to it,” and realized they both could save money as a married couple.

“Love at different ages is very, very different,” Casey said. “When you’re in your 80s and late 70s, I think your eyes are wider.

“But that wasn’t the only reason,” she added.

The couple discussed eloping and a small wedding, ultimately deciding on a ceremony late last month at Alta Sierra Country Club, where Clement golfs regularly. Friends and family on both sides attended.

The couple already had planned a river cruise, as Casey years ago promised her Swiss-born mother she’d visit her homeland. Now the trip will become their honeymoon.

“No matter what age you are, don’t be surprised what can happen,” Clement said.

Guests of the Del Clement and Faith Casey wedding wave to the bride and groom as they enter the ceremony.
Photo: Elias Funez

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