Ohio’s Price for Medical Cannabis Lower than Surrounding States

Columbus, Ohio – Aug. 5, 2022 – The Ohio Medical Cannabis Industry Association (OMCIA) recently completed a survey of state published pricing data across neighboring states with medical programs to find out how prices in Ohio really compare. We learned that after a little more than three years Ohio’s price for plant material (flower) is significantly lower than Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Maryland at $8.89 per gram. State published data is based on the price the patient actually pays including discounts, sales and taxes.

“There is a misunderstanding that the legislature needs to award more cultivation space to bring prices down to compete with neighboring states. OMCIA’s research clearly shows that Ohio is already competing with neighboring states. In fact, we are leading,” commented Matt Close, executive director of the OMCIA. “Existing operators already have the ability to expand but many are holding off due to inflation, high construction costs and a flat patient count.”

Last fall the state legislature introduced Bill 261 (SB 261), a bill that would streamline the Medical Control Program by consolidating oversight under the Department of Commerce. Contained in this bill were two provisions to drastically increase available cultivation space and award several new cultivation licenses to applicants who were initially disqualified in the highly competitive license application process.

Currently, cultivators in the program are allowed to expand their canopy space twice after their initial build out. Once they have demonstrated they are operating at full capacity they can request approval to expand from the state.

Ohio’s Price for Medical Cannabis Lower than Surrounding States on cannabis business times