The Real Weed Trendsetters: 12 Cannabis Lifestyle Reporters Nominated For This Prestigious Award

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference has something new for its upcoming Chicago conference, September 13-14, after the overwhelming success of our 4/20 Miami event. As part of celebrating individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations doing amazing things in the industry, Benzinga will honor Lifestyle Reporters in the context of its new Benzinga Cannabis Awards.

Meet the Nominees for the Best Lifestyle Reporters

Here are 12 cannabis lifestyle reporters who made it to the last round of the Benzinga Cannabis Awards. Check them out!

Katie Shapiro, Forbes

Katie is an Aspen-based freelance journalist known as "the world's first marijuana style writer" for her work at The Cannabist, The Denver Post's award-winning online vertical.

Since 2014, she has written about the evolution of the legal cannabis lifestyle in "High Country," a weekly column for The Aspen Times. Her vision of the industry has been profiled in Adweek, The Business of Fashion, Cosmopolitan, Racked and Refinery29, among others.

She has a master's degree in journalism from the University of Colorado Boulder and produced the documentary "Rolling Papers," which follows the historic first year of adult cannabis use in Colorado.

Lyneisha Watson, Various Outlets

Lyneisha Watson, a Florida-based journalist, has covered cannabis for HighTimes, Miss Grass, The Emerald Magazine, Leafly, Farmer and the Felon. Her writing has also appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review, Blavity, Shine Text Advice and Black Girl in Om.

In 2018, she attended Yale’s THREAD Storytelling workshop to learn and develop her skills. Her time at Yale inspired her to develop the High Times column "High Folks," which is now a series of profiles that explore the many reasons why people fall in love with cannabis.

Her company, VIVRANT WORLD is focused on helping brands rethink how they feel about weed and pleasure. Through her work, she is able to work with brands on social campaigns and offer public relations services to rising cannabis brands and influencers.

Danté Jordan, Weedmaps News

Danté Jordan is a freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to the cannabis industry.

Danté teaches people about cannabis: what to buy, what/how to consume, why, and general FAQs on any level about the incipient industry. He has been featured on Weedmaps, Leafly, Wikileaf, The Bluntness, Ganjapreneur and many other cannabis news outlets. In addition, Jordan worked as an Associate Subject Matter Expert at Leafly. Currently, he writes for Weedmaps.

Amanda Chicago Lewis, Various Outlets

Amanda Chicago Lewis writes about policy, science, economics, culture, criminal justice and public health. She wrote for GQ, the New York Times, the Wall Street …

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The Real Weed Trendsetters: 12 Cannabis Lifestyle Reporters Nominated For This Prestigious Award on Benzinga