Meet Ayahuasca: A Breakout Star For Psychedelics Users

Ayahuasca is an ancient hallucinogenic plant from South America that’s been used for sacred indigenous ceremonies for thousands of years. In modern practice, people drink the plant’s brew in group settings, then talk about the experience in an integration session later.

While the experience itself can be challenging, ayahuasca’s popularity is experiencing incredible growth.

Participants vomit, sometimes frequently, during the experience. They feel … weird. They experience a profound transformation as they examine deep soul-searching thoughts, witness mystical images, hear strange new sounds.

It’s all part of a ceremony using the psychedelic ayahuasca. And more people are seeking it out than ever before to help with their depression, defeat an addiction or just find a new meaning to life.

After consuming ayahuasca, people report they feel like they died and were reborn.

Some say ayahuasca can help you become a “better you” after coming out of the three-to-seven-hour experience. Reports are that you feel more positive or connected – often for the first time in your life.

Celebrities Embrace The Journey

You may even feel that slapping a Hollywood comedian on a world stage in front of a live audience is self-satisfying and perfectly appropriate, like Will Smith did. Smith wrote about his experience after more than a dozen ayahuasca

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