Cannabis needs Journalists

The legal cannabis industry drove US$7BN in 2016 sales in N. America. 2017 is on track for US$10BN.

(Editor’s Note: 2017 revenues hit $10BN.  2018 forecasts are another 20%+ growth rate.)

While The San Francisco Chronicle and The Denver Post are at the forefront, local news organizations in legal cannabis states throughout the US are providing quality journalism to cover the industry.

New voices are emerging in this explosive space. New journalists and editors will help change the story of cannabis for the majority of Americans who support medical and adult-use legalization.

Be one of them.

Medical & Adult-Use Laws by State
29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical cannabis. Recreational marijuana is legal in eight states. (October 2017 via NORML)

The mission at Extroverting is to get more journalists published — and paid — for telling the stories that impact the people, places, and businesses creating and consuming cannabis. We’re working to highlight good coverage in local markets and to add depth and breadth to coverage in these markets and others as the industry grows.

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