Editors on Extroverting

We’re interested in the cannabis industry at the local level. You’ll have a city you’re interested in covering and your topics of focus. Your city’s Region and State will be part of your coverage, and related topics outside your focus areas are encouraged.

Publishing your comments is straightforward. You can publish from your phone, laptop, and desktop.

Cash Compensation

Social Editors receive base pay each month and can earn bonus pay for growing readership and engaging with the community.

Editorial Guidelines

Extroverting covers cannabis as part of a lifestyle rather than “the cannabis lifestyle.” We want to hear more about cannabis, THC, and CBD. We want to hear less about weed, pot, and marijuana. We cover where people live, work, and play, and the products & services they make and use as part of their lives.

Social Editors curate the conversation with their voice and from their Point of View. Extroverting promotes ideas from multiple angles and encourage you to develop your own approach to your topics & community. 

Your work with Extroverting is an ongoing conversation. As Social Editors, you’re encouraged to publish your ideas and welcome collaboration with your colleagues who want to work & grow with you.

Share your city and state, pick your topics, and we’ll send you payment details, more on the process, and a contract for a one-year term which either party can terminate with notice.