Getting Well more than Getting High

Photo by Asdrubal Luna

Medical research and hundreds of years anecdotal evidence from human consumption of the plant have repeatedly shown cannabis provides comfort to people with conditions ranging from migraines and menopause to PMS and Parkinson’s Disease.

In all of its formats — flower, concentrates, edibles, lotions — there are cannabis products available with low dosages of the psychoactive ingredient THC and higher concentrations of ingredients that provide relief and therapeutic benefits without getting you stoned.

The ongoing normalization of cannabis helps more people get comfortable with its medicinal value. Even though more than half of the United States have passed laws allowing use of medical cannabis, social stigma associations prevent some people from exploring their options. The same stigma often prevents people from discussing the topic at all.

Counseling from peers, discussions about choices, and good amounts of patience can help reticent friends and family make informed decisions about trying cannabis for themselves.

If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, you can order (Hemp-derived) CBD products online, which will help boost levels of your natural endocannabinoids and also protect against bone loss and osteoporosis. CBD can be taken in conjunction with ERT to lower your risk of developing breast cancer. There are several ways to take CBD. You can vaporize CBD only oil, or to get the full health benefits, eat CBD oil, edibles, or pills.