Which Type Of Cannabis Is Right For You?

Cannabis is like fine wine. One must know the basics of the product to be consumed in order to heighten the senses and fine tune the palate. Learning a few things before hand can help us make a more conscious decision when choosing the cannabis that is right for us.

The differences in the strains vary in many ways, yet hold similar attributes as well. The body-high will be present regardless of the variety. The sedative qualities of cannabis (CBD and THC) affect the body in its respective ways.

Many factors can be taken into consideration when dancing with the majestic Sheeba, but simplicity can guide us best. Think first of how you feel at the moment and go on remembering that marijuana will certainly heighten the magnitude of certain emotions. At the same time that it can transform certain attitudes of mind for the good it can also bring out a ‘less-inhibited’ side of ourselves which may require more self-control and self-consciousness. Certain strains carry a big punch. Thus, an effect of ‘thinking too much’ may occur.

Source: Which Type Of Cannabis Is Right For You