California’s #1 Growth Industry Needs Skilled Candidates

Explosive growth of the industry means employers are looking to hire more skilled candidates from hospitality, business and computer science backgrounds.

According to Arcview Market Research (AMR) the adult-use market is set to triple in size over the next four years from $6.9 billion to $21.6 billion as California, Colorado and Washington continue to set a blistering pace in the wake of favorable legislation.

Medical sales in Florida and other states also support the trend, which analysts say still relies heavily on California (31%) for a large part of its volume to-date.

Companies ready to grab a big piece of California’s recreational cannabis market

California is on track to continue leading the market in Medical and Recreational sales for the next five years. Colorado, Washington, and Oregon are in the Top Ten markets (of this growth industry) along with Massachusetts, Michigan, Maryland, and Missouri.

Investors keep pouring money into cannabis industry

The total amount raised by cannabis companies since the start of 2016 is $1.9 billion