Computer & Data Science Opportunities in California

The explosive growth of the cannabis industry means the public and private sectors are both looking to hire candidates skilled in Computer Science, Data Science, and Analytics.

The State of California needs skilled employees to create the licensing and regulatory infrastructure required for the commercial cultivation, manufacturing, transportation, distribution and sale of medical and adult recreational-use cannabis.

California’s Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation plans to hire 50 to 75 people starting July 1, 2017. California’s Department of Food and Agriculture and Department of Public Health have similar needs for skilled candidates to support this growing industry.

In the private sector, BDS Analytics, BioTrack, SICPA, and Headset are some examples of vendors creating software to address these needs. Growers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of cannabis need skilled candidates to configure and customize these software systems to their needs. Intelligent reporting and analysis of data collected via these systems is a matter of success as as it is in any business; in California, this detailed analysis and reporting is also a requirement for complying with laws regulating the cannabis industry.

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