Marketing, Business, and Retail Opportunities

Explosive growth of the cannabis industry means employers are looking to hire candidates skilled in Marketing, Business Management, and Retail.

California’s Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation plans to hire 50 to 75 people starting July 1, 2017. California’s Department of Food and Agriculture and Department of Public Health have similar needs for skilled candidates to support this growing industry.

In the private sector, growers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of cannabis need skilled candidates to help create their brands, grow their business, and reach new customers in social media and across the web.

Traditional outlets like AdWeek, Forbes, and The Atlantic are speaking to the huge opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Why Marijuana Marketing Will Be Bigger Than Ever This Year

The company’s Fit Quiz, which has been mimicked by others, allows True & Co. to make hyper-personal product recommendations. “Our marketing is extremely targeted and personalized,” Lam said.

Source: Green State

“It’s an interesting industry, probably one of the first or few multi-billion dollar industries that isn’t dominated by men,” Moreno says … Moreno has assembled a panel of entrepreneurial females who have made significant contributions to the area’s cannabis boom.

Source: San Diego Startup Week

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