Companies ready to grab a big piece of California’s recreational cannabis market

Now Gocobachi and her co-founder are working on expanding their 400-square-foot kitchen. But they're postponing leasing a new space because San Francisco's marijuana regulations are still in flux and it's unclear where the city will let them set up shop.

That's the type of uncertainty everyone in the marijuana industry faces as city and state officials figure out how to regulate both the medical and recreational marijuana industry. For now, California's edibles companies only sell to patients with a doctor's recommendation. But the market is expected to balloon further when regulators set up the state's recreational use framework — which could be as early as next year. And edibles makers expect to face extra scrutiny over how they prepare their products so they're safe to eat, and package them so they aren't appealing to children.

Source: Edibles feast: Companies ready to grab a big piece of California's recreational marijuana market