Microdose Magic

Photo by Evan Kirby

A microdose is defined as taking 1/100th the expected pharmacological dose for a medication.  With cannabis as an example, the goal is to derive some of the benefits without getting high.

“Kiva has heard from Google engineers who micro-dose all day at work, as well as busy women who use a tiny amount of cannabis to manage stress while maintaining focus.”

Get the Benefits without Getting Stoned – Green State

It’s often about leaning in to life …We’re trying to talk about this as a productivity tool, as a sort of life-hacking tool … Microdosing is all about conscious cannabis use. You can also use it to replace some of the over-the-counter medications or some of these recreational products — the beer at lunch people are using to relax, smoke breaks, Valium. All of these are already integrated into society, and we can start to turn to cannabis for a really safe and effective alternative.

Christie Strong, Communications Director @ Kiva

Mondo’s Founder discovered the clear benefits of microdosing, but wasn’t satisfied with the options available. The taste and variety of available edibles and the imprecise dosages led O’Brien to develop her own “low dose powder that people can mix into the foods they were already comfortable eating.”

Through education we want to teach people that cannabis consumption can be used to enhance productive lifestyles.

Many women claim that this non-traditional drug route allows them to steer clear of addictive anti-depressants and painkillers, while still feeling really good.