‘Mum, Cannabis and Me’: A Moving Documentary Debuts in New Zealand

A medical student is set to add new perspective to the medicinal cannabis debate in New Zealand by sharing her terminally ill mother’s “heart-breaking” secret use of it in a new documentary. The 30-minute film “Mum, Cannabis and Me” premieres tonight in Wellington.

It is narrated by fifth year medical student Victoria Catherwood, who hopes the film will inspire fresh conversations about medical marijuana — a hot topic after cannabidiol (CBD) was removed from the Misuse of Drugs Act in New Zealand yesterday.

“We hope to bring this discussion into the public domain to kind of let doctors feel less stigmatized about talking about it, and also to let patients have these doctors informed so that all these unnecessary harms can be minimized and any benefits can possibly be utilized.”

Catherwood’s mother is terminally ill with breast cancer.

Click here to see the preview.