Fires Threaten California’s First Legal Pot Crop

As if there isn’t enough uncertainty right now for Northern California weed farmers, this week’s fires are threatening the 2017 harvest. That is for those farmers who are lucky enough to have a harvest.

Fires are raging in 14 counties, according to the California Department of Forestry, and an estimated 1,500 residential and commercial structures have been destroyed. Since late Sunday night, 57,000 acres have burned and tens of thousands people have been evacuated. And that’s just the past few days. The National Interagency Fire Center claims a total of 3,692 Northern California fires have burned 411,742 acres in 2017, according to the East Bay Express.

While the scope of these life altering tragedies is still being calculated, cannabis farmers have begun to assess the toll on this year’s outdoor harvest and the outlook is grim.

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