Legalized Cannabis Gets Academic Makeover as Students Flock to Study It

University Library (doctor-a)

The relentless march of legalised pot across the US has spawned a raft of cannabis-linked courses at colleges across the country. Cannabis is already big business, with Wall Street piling into an industry that experts say could be worth $21 billion by 2021, and now it's being given an academic makeover.

Northern Michigan University is the first to offer a dedicated four-year science of cannabis course.

Already there are 50 students in the course, and another 500 looking to enroll. The course encompasses the properties of the drug and how it reacts to pesticides, among other things, according to The Telegraph.

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"What we have done is take pieces from various curricula which are out there and packaged them into a four-year undergraduate programme," said Brandon Canfield, associate professor of chemistry.

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