Mich. Student Launches ‘Green Wolverine’ Science Symposium with Leading Cannabis Experts

Adam Rosenberg – Executive Director, Green Wolverine

World-class researchers, scientists, and physicians will gather next month in Ann Arbor, Mich., to separate fact from fiction and illuminate the future of cannabis in a first-of-its-kind science symposium open to the public.

Green Wolverine, a student-run nonprofit dedicated to cannabis education and public awareness, is hosting the event in collaboration with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy and School of Nursing.

I founded the first Green Wolverine chapter as a student club at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in early 2017. After receiving interest from peers at other schools, I formed a nonprofit corporation to coordinate expansion efforts. Within a year, we inaugurated chapters at six universities across the country and gained support from esteemed brands including MedMen, Weedmaps, and The Arcview Group.

My journey to found Green Wolverine began when I was a 16-year-old aspiring doctor and took a job at a pain management clinic. The patients were drug tested to ensure they were only taking their prescribed medications, usually opiates, and I was assigned to work in the testing laboratory. Through this work, I discovered that a large proportion of pain patients tested positive for THC. I conducted my own research and was amazed by cannabis’ efficacy and lack of side effects compared to conventional treatment options. The discovery that cannabis is a less harmful alternative to opiates prompted my transition to the industry.

At 19, I applied to work in a medical cannabis provisioning center in Ann Arbor to learn more. I spent six months preparing products and providing care to patients as a bud-tender. Numerous firsthand patient consultations reaffirmed the extraordinary therapeutic benefits of the plant. It was following this experience that I decided to challenge the stigma and establish an educational student organization.

The Green Wolverine Science Symposium at the University of Michigan is the culmination of my experiences, shared with countless others, resisting misinformation fueled by decades of propaganda. The purpose of the symposium is to objectively present evidence regarding the benefits and downsides of cannabis, absent of biases or political motives.

Scientific experts, including Dr. Sue Sisley, Dr. Daniele Piomelli, and Dr. Marilyn Huestis, will convey the most accurate and up-to-date cannabis research. We encourage anyone with interest to join us in Robertson Auditorium at the Ross School of Business on Sept 29.