CannaGather LA KickOff – Feb 5, 2019

The crowd at CannaGather LA Kickoff

Feb 5, 2019

There were 200 people there — many ready to network. The floor was higher quality than “Cannabis Means Business” at Jacob Javits in NY 8 months ago. It was well-run: Emcee, 3 guest speakers, 6 vendor booths, paid sponsors (ARCView), food, and a paid bar.


Integrated Farms

Pre-rolls and high-end flower. Branding and packaging

They used their products as their collateral / discussion points. They didn’t have a table. David Dannon and Bob from iF didn’t have a booth. They worked the show with two branded cigar boxes of their products. Pre-roll is in glass tube, wax-sealed (~Makers Mark). Flower is in a box a la Canndescent.

Packaging design is all done in-house. They’re exceedingly proud of their work; appreciate that their need to scale requires help. They’re in 45 shops and growing. They get the House of Brands approach — pre-rolls with strain names for OGs / “cannaseurs”; flower with destination-based packaging (again, a la Canndescent). SD based

Single-use, disposable vape pens

Most interesting point made was they’re targeting “Seniors” with their easy, discrete, effective products.

They’ve spent money on product development, packaging, and marketing. They’re not yet in-market. Their public site is currently empty. Their brochure is decent but dense. Their reps in attendance were young and strongly felt they’d succeed in the marketplace entirely on product merits — they can use more

The products are colorful, quality plastic. Outcome- and Flavor-based positioning — “Full Mind” to “Full Body” — vs strain names. They cover wellness, terpenes, and the science behind it.

PoS / retail management software, B2B relationships with dispensaries and distributors, B2C relationships with delivery services. “We allow Brands to connect directly with consumers.”

They had a complete booth, solid signage, 4 people there working the crowd, multiple collateral pieces and swag.

Grow Studios

“Full-Service Agency”

These guys are hustling. They had 5 people at their booth, a large video display, and plenty of materials. a crowd of dozens surrounded their booth.

They’re scaling, hiring, and seeking investment. Looks like they aspire to compete w PRØHBTD — brand studio, custom content, native ads.