Glass House Farms – Strains – Overview

7 jars from Glass House Farms. Fatso, Garlic Starship, and Platinum OG jars have strong blues for Indica dominant. Blue Dream, Hella Jelly, Lilac Diesel and Cherry AK have strong yellows for Sativa Dominant.


Glass House Farms has good distribution and price for these strains. Each of these 3.5g flower servings came in glass jars with plastic screw tops. Strains were available at least once dispensary all reviewers went. The jars are suitable for keeping fresh while and re-use after. Our notes on each strain are here.


Methodology Guidelines for Flower Reviews

Guidelines include Yes/No questions for standard flavor and effect attributes, relevant condition specifics, and space for description beyond Yes/No questions. Sample flower review worksheets are available on request.


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