What Las Vegas Poker Players Think of Legal Cannabis

Nevada legalized recreational cannabis on July 1st for all adults over 21 years old. One of the largest demographics that frequents Nevada casinos are poker players.

What impact is it having on the game?

“Recreational marijuana is fantastic,” said Evan Jarvis, but other players expressed different viewpoints.

[Watch the video at the Oregon Cannabis Connecton.]

There’s more than some overlap between the game and the plant. Three-time World Series of Poker champion Dutch Boyd is open about it:

“Marijuana is part of poker. If you’re ever on the tournament trail and stop in a Tunica hotel room during a World Series of Poker circuit event or in Los Angeles for a stop on the World Poker Tour, just walk down the halls and it’s everywhere. It smells like weed. It’s part of the game’s culture.”

@cryptoblast published his points of view on that same story, rules and regulations are being spoken of in the open, and with hope we’ll hear more stories — good, bad, and otherwise — about players’ approach.