Medical Refugee Family Calls for Legal Medical Cannabis in Kansas

The first time Gavin had a seizure, he had just turned 3. It was a grand mal seizure, the kind where people convulse uncontrollably due to irregular activity in the brain.

Melissa Ragsdale, Gavin’s mother, had never seen a seizure before. Little did she know, she would witness her son have thousands of seizures over the next five years, according to the Garden City Telegram.

Gavin is 8 now. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colo., with his mother, and he is a medical refugee. He and his mother, who previously lived in Fairway in Johnson County, were able to settle in Colorado thanks to the generosity of another medical refugee family and many others woven together through a tight-knit network of patient advocacy groups calling for nationwide legalization of medical cannabis at the state and federal levels.

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