Blunt Talks – Feb 26, 2019

Blunt Talks - Feb 26, 2019 - Expert Dojo - Santa Monica

Host: Expert Dojo – Santa Monica
(Co-Working space; They run investment funds and an accelerator)

There were 100 people there — many ready to network. The floor was high-quality. It was well-run. Open bar, tacos. WebJoint was a sponsor. Grow Studios was shooting video and doing AV.

The trend of the sharks smelling blood in the water continues. Many of these outfits are selling capes they don’t have. Danielle noted this explicitly re Grow Studios — noting lack of design, and end-to-end product dev capes, and Fit & FInish all around — they’re hustling and selling themselves on things they lack. 



  • CC Testing Labs
  • Vet CBD
  • Lit.Club 
  • Blue Kachina  
  • Nugg 
  • Cannabis Catered Events 

CC Testing Labs
Michael Carrier, CEO, explicitly asked for help “getting the word out” about their lab. “We’ve done friends and family. We’ve got multiple clients and more from word-of-mouth. We need Next Steps.” We got into positioning scenarios, touting their collaboration with product clients, and moving their stories from beyond ‘we’re the stern parents who tell you your product can go out to market’ and into remediation and consulting services.

Michael responded well to my suggestions that clients will respond to product differentiation via clean results from non-required testing.

Lit Club
Pre-rolls, CBD Vape pens 
Avens O’Brien – Administrative Director 

Lit Club does a lot of things right. They had a solid booth, good aesthetics. Lovely products, Great presentation –

Started with a pre-roll – “Flavor-forward” — No strain. great packaging. glass tube. great screw top. Avens flicked the pre-roll out of the tube: the doob comes out enough to smell; “locks-in” to the opening of the glass tube.

In December, released a bunch of CBD vape pens. Super nice & high-quality. matte plastic. Ceramic mouthpiece.  Their products are not yet widely available in dispensaries. They will respond well to QP’s approach to design, packaging, branding, experience.

Essential Extracts

Nick Tanem of Essential Extracts

Avid networker. Grew up in SoCal, moved to CO to start extraction business. Starting another in Richmond. Back in SoCal for his Next Moves

Expert Dojo 

Brian MacMahon – Founder 

Dojo is a co-working space. Brian invests in & incubates a portion of his clients. Launching a new cannabis investment fund in March. 

Cannabis Catered Events 

Rudy Sta Ana – Founder 

They were slinging gratis tacos throughout the event. Tasty, and the kitchen crew were friendly and good. 

Dr. Michele Ross

Dr. Michele Ross – Neuroscientist

Michelle’s platform is live in Canada and Brazil. They’re working to get more paid subs in the US. Interesting offering: Subs get semi-monthly one:one consults with health coaches and ongoing access to a library of info created by medical professionals. Condition-specific reading materials and ‘certifications.’

Blue Kachina Organics

Venice dispensary