relief, relaxation & recreation @ home

It’s close quarters. The kids are home. We’ve got few options or incentives to get out of the house, so opportunities for relief, relaxation, and recreation at home are essential. We’re sharing our finds with family, friends, and neighbors here and however we can with focus on free and low-cost, no-hassle options.

Cabin Fever is preferable to other things going around, but it has real consequences. Preventative Precautions are 100% in-order. Your family, kids, and pets need you to be your best self. Take care of yourself and everyone around you — especially as we’re not accustomed to having those around us around us so much and so closely.

For Kids

Keeping kids entertained and entertaining themselves is key to their well-being. Free shows, games, and even education to sneak in there include Mr. Rogers, Arthur, and a treasure trove from the Los Angeles Public Library

For Adults

Finding and creating pockets of sanity in the barrage of New Realities is key to making the best of things. More new music, TV, and movie choices, games to play on your own or with others, and local businesses who are open and delivering in neighborhoods throughout LA are included as your free and low-cost, hassle-free options

More Music, Movies, Relief, and Relaxation

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