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Here are more TV and movie choices, kids activities, and local businesses making Special Deliveries throughout LA.

It’s close quarters. Everyone’s home. Cabin Fever is preferable to other things going around, but it gets even more real as the days pass. Your family, kids, and pets need you to be your best self. Opportunities for relief, relaxation, and recreation at home are essential. We’re sharing our finds with family, friends, and neighbors here and however we can with focus on free and low-cost, no-hassle options.

For Adults

Alamo Drafthouse in DTLA is having a virtual screening of “ROAR next week. “ROAR” looks at least as dark as the current fascination with Tiger King. It’s less clear if the screening will be gratis or the $10 it says on Vimeo at the moment.

“It’s like Walt Disney went insane and shot a snuff version of Swiss Family Robinson.”


For Kids

Keeping kids entertained and entertaining themselves is key to their well-being. Drafthouse LA also offers a collection of Old School kids Activity Pages “To help you help them provide you with some peace and quiet, we’ve got you some fresh material – some of our favorite print-at-home activity books provided by our studio pals.”

More hassle-free kids stuff from the LA Public Library, PBS and others is in previous posts like this one.

Structure & Ritual

Keeping track of your time spent is especially key when the structure of your days isn’t being imposed by a commute or regular office hours. Jotting down simple notes is a fine way to start if you don’t already keep a journal or diary. Plenty of gratis apps are available if you prefer that to pen and paper.

Rituals also keep us calm. Scott Berinato writes “Rituals, it turns out, are a powerful human mechanism for managing extreme emotions and stress, and we should be leaning on them now.” Reading a book, having lunch, or watching a show together with a snack prepared in The Special Bowl lowers heart rates and makes everyone involved feel better.

Mike Norton of Harvard Business School notes “When you repeat rituals, they do seem to gain in strength, but even rituals performed a single time can be effective … What seems to matter is that you name it as a ritual, and that you actually do the ritual and don’t just think about doing it.

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