Serving Cannabis in California Restaurants is Legal, But Not Easy

Yelp Reservations hosted a lunchtime panel last week for a timely discussion about the recreational use of cannabis in Los Angeles.

The LA restaurant community attended to learn how State Bill 94 applies to restaurants and bars, according to Eater Los Angeles.

Out of caution, most local eateries have steered clear of adding any type of cannabis to their menus. Eater previously covered that it is perfectly legal to add CBD to any food or drinks, but only from sources that comply with California and federal law. 

There are already a number of restaurants and bars that serve CBD foods and drinks in Los Angeles, and they’ve carefully been watching the law to make sure they don’t overstep.

But the law can be a bit tricky, as federal and state laws can conflict. THC, or psychoactive cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug, and is illegal for anyone in California to sell without a permit.

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